Go "off duty" as an agent

When you (or one of your agents) leaves for the day, you might want the agents on duty to respond if a customer writes back while you're gone. Or maybe you're on vacation and want to make sure someone follows up on any new replies while you're away.

We will outline what's possible with this feature. If you are looking for additional functionality, please share your ideas on our ticketing idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

Going "OFF" duty

  • Click on your avatar in the left hand menu (right corner for legacy plans)
  • Choose "Go off duty" from the drop down menu
And you're done! If a customer replies to any of your tickets, the ticket will be moved to the last queue it was assigned to, so someone else can respond.

Going back "ON" duty

Now you're back, so how do you go "on duty"?

When you log in, you'll see a red banner at the top of the page. Click the "I'm back!" button.

Common Questions:

  • Can I send a ticket response if I'm off duty? Yes, you can still answer a ticket, but if the user writes back it will go to Unassigned.
  • Can I specify which queue the ticket will go to if the user writes back? No, not at this time.
  • What will happen to my current tickets when I go off duty? They will stay in your queue unless the customer writes back. If a customer sends in a new reply, it will be move to the last queue it belonged to.
  • What if a rule assigns new tickets to me? The system will see you're off duty and put those tickets in the last queue it belonged to.
  • How will I know if another agent is off duty? When you assign a ticket, you will see (off duty) next to the agent's name. You will still be able to assign the ticket to them if you want.
Want to see us add new features to this? Be sure to share them on our feedback forum, and tell us how you want it to work and why (this helps our product team decide on ideas and how to implement them).

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