Ticket Backlog Report

You want to make sure no customer tickets slip through the cracks. Our ticket backlog report lets you see how many tickets are open, who they are assigned to, and the average length of time they've been open.

If you are looking for additional features not outlined here, please share your ideas on our ticketing idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

Ticket Backlog Report 

Click on Analytics in the left-hand menu -> Click "Ticket Backlog"

Show me tickets open for more than "0" hours: You can leave it at 0 to see all open tickets, or customize the number of hours.
  • Open Tickets: The number of open tickets for that filter. This includes...
  • Tickets where the admin was the last one to respond, but left the ticket open.
  • Tickets where the user sent in the most recent reply.
  • Awaiting Response: These are the number of open tickets where the user was the last person to send a message on the thread.
  • Awaiting First Response: These are the number of open tickets that have not had an admin response at all.
  • Median Open Time: This is the median amount of time the open tickets for that filter range have been open.

Ticket By Assignee

Tickets will be listed by the assignee. The assignee can be an admin or a queue.

Adding Ticket Fields as Filters

You can also filter the Backlog Report by ticket field. 

In this example, open tickets with the ticket field: Product Area IS Widget and How are you feeling? IS Confused, are shown. So there are 2 tickets open more than 0 hours with both of those ticket fields.

You can filter by a single ticket field or multiple ones. You can also do a negative filter. For example, you could set the filter to How are you feeling? IS NOT Confused.

Common Questions

Q. Why is one of my agents missing from the Backlog report?
A. This means they do not have any open tickets that meet your search criteria.

Q. Can I export the backlog report? 
A. Click the Export to CSV link in the top right corner.

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