Using a specific widget mode

Our UserVoice widget includes Post Idea, NPS, SmartVote, and Contact Form (legacy) modes. What if you only want to use one of those features? How do you turn the others off?

To deactivate other modes, you pass the following with the value 'false' (alternately, you can pass 'true' to turn one of these back on).

post_idea_enabled: 'false'
satisfaction_enabled: 'false'
contact_enabled: 'false'

So how would this look in your code?

Are there other elements of the widget I can customize? Maybe you want to turn off screenshots or edit the post idea form title. This article explains all your customization options.

[ContactNPS and SmartVote may not be available on your current plan. If you don’t see these options, contact to learn more.]

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