Dashboard Analytics

When you first sign into your UserVoice account, you see the Admin Dashboard. The dashboard gives you the last 30 days of data. If you are viewing the report on September 25th, it will show data between August 27th and September 25th.


The overview at the top of the page gives you a quick look at your active ideas, Net Promoter score, and average Identified users. Identified users are users you identified to us with our User and Account Traits feature. Learn more about identifying users with this feature.

Average People Interacting with Your UserVoice site

On average ___ people interacted with your UserVoice account daily: 
This number is calculated by adding up unique visits per day and then dividing by 30. If a user interacts once a day, for 3 days in a row, they will be counted three times in that number. We also average the web portal visits and widget opens for the last 30 days. 

Daily Interactions

Daily interactions count unique visits for web portal and widget interactions each day. A unique user who opened the widget and visited the web portal will be counted once for each channel, but will only be counted once in the overall number for that day.
  • Web Portal: Counts unique visits to the portal.
  • Widget: Counts unique users who opened the widget (SmartVote, NPS, or Post Idea widget).
  • Overall: Counts unique interactions across the web portal and widget, but if a unique user visited your web portal and opened the widget, they will only be counted one time.
For a better understanding of the channels your users are giving feedback through, see our Feedback Analysis Report

Activity break down for each day

For each day during the 30 day period, you can also see the activity per day.
  • New Ideas: New ideas created
  • Votes: Votes cast
  • Comments: Comments posted
  • Updated Ideas: Ideas that received a status update from an admin.
If you click on an item like "New Ideas", it will hide those, so you can easily see the activity you want.

Common Questions

Q. Can I export the dashboard metrics?
A. No, not at this time. We do have an idea about adding this feature which you can find here

Q. Can I customize the data range of the dashboard? 
A. No, not at this time. If you want to track visits over a period of time, we recommend setting up our Google Analytics integration.

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