Measure your agents and team's performance

In this article, we will walk you through what is possible with this report. If you are looking for additional functionality, please share your ideas on our ticketing idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

To access the report, click on "Analytics" in the left-hand menu -> Click "Support Performance."

Date and Filters

  • Date: You set the date to a day, week, month, year, or any time frame you want.
  • Filter: You can filter the results by agent, queue or ticket field. If you want to see support performance for a particular agent or queue or even ticket field, you can!
  • Export: You can also export the report to your computer by clicking the "Export" button in the top right corner.
The support performance report counts messages, not tickets. Messages are individual replies on a ticket. So one ticket might have 3 messages. 

Trending Support Metrics

At the top of the report, you'll see the trending metrics. This includes...
  • Graded Message: Graded messages are users messages that came in during the time frame you set for the report. If you are looking at metrics for October, but a user message came in September 30th, it would not count towards October's graded messages (even if you replied to the user in October). Also, tickets that have not been replied to are not graded. They aren't graded until an agent has responded.
  • Average Grade: This is your average grade for all replies to Graded Messages.
  • Average Wait Time: The average amount of time a user has to wait to get a reply to their message.
If you are looking at metrics for 10/25-11/24, it will compare it to 9/25-10/24.

Covered Vs. Uncovered

As you look at support performance, you'll notice "Covered" vs. "Uncovered." Covered is when agents are actively responding to tickets. 

We consider a time slot to be covered if the amount of outgoing ticket replies is >= 10% of the highest number of outgoing replies sent in any time slot.  

If Mondays at 10am had 100 ticket replies (and it was the most of any time slot), then covered time slots would be those with >= 10 replies.


Response times are grouped into 4 grades and given a score:
  • A+ Responses made in under an hour— 100 points
  • A Responses made in 1-4 hours — 95 points
  • B Responses made in 4-24 hours— 85 points
  • F Responses that were made after 24 hours— 55 points
So in our example... 
  • Average Grade is B+ (89.6 points)
  • Covered it's A- (92.7)
  • Uncovered it's B- (80.4)
You can also scroll over the graph and view the data for each day.

At the bottom is a color graph, showing what percentage of messages fall into each grade.

Q: I'm comparing Ticket Insights with the Support Performance Report and the numbers are different?

A: This is expected, since each report uses different criteria for measurement. If you are measuring response and agent performance, you should use Support Performance. Ticket Insights is best for seeing ticket trends over time.

Average Wait Time

The Average Wait Time graph measures how long it took to reply to a user's message on average. If you scroll over it, you can see the data per day.

Incoming Messages by Response Time

Messages are replies within a ticket thread. This graph measures how many incoming messages you are receiving each day and your response time to those messages. We also compare that data to the previous reporting period so you can see if you are getting more tickets or less, and how your response times compare.

The goal of this graph is to give you a visual of incoming messages, and your response time to those messages.

For example...
  • Messages that came in at 12AM Tuesday morning, have an average response time of 4-24 hours.
  • Messages that came in at 8AM on Wednesday have an average response time of under an hour.
The graph pulls averages from the reporting period you set. The size of the circle indicates the amount of incoming messages. Sunday at 12AM there was a low volume, but on Monday at 10AM there was a higher volume. 

If you scroll over a dot, it will give you the average break down for that hour, including messages, response times, and average grade.

Common Questions

Q: What time zone does it use?
A: The graphs in the report will use the time zone of your account. This is set in Settings, click the icon in the bottom left corner -> General -> Scroll down and click "Account, billing and usage" -> You'll see Time Zone and Language -> Click "Edit."

Q: Can I set our business hours?
A: No, not at this time. But we do have an idea on our forum about adding this feature which you can find here

Q: Can I measure first response time?
A: Not at this time. Support the idea here.

Q: Can I see responses on ticket sent for a specific time period?
A: Not at this time. Create an idea on our forum for this.

Q: Can I measure closed/open rate on tickets?
A: Not at this time. Support the idea here.

Q: Can I see open tickets without an agent response?
A: Yes, you can do this with our Ticket Backlog report.

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