What is an agent (admin)?

An agent (also called an admin. We use the terms interchangeably) is anyone who has access to the back end of your UserVoice account. 

An agent or admin can...

  • Reply to tickets
  • Write and publish Knowledge Base articles
  • Moderate the forums
  • Invite users to private forums
  • Update idea statuses and send notification to subscribers
  • Changes settings for Feedback and Support Tools
An agent or admin may or may not have access to settings, and you do have the option to restrict access to certain parts of the app. This link walks through how to edit permissions.

What is an Owner?

An Owner can do everything an agent can, but can also...

  • Change the company’s UserVoice plan
  • View past invoices
  • Update billing information
  • Add new admins
  • Edit admin permissions

For pricing based on the number of admins, Owners count as an admin, since they are able to do the same things as an admin. 

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