Custom Public Idea Statuses

Public statuses are a big part of your Forums. It’s how you communicate to users what’s going on with their suggestions.

While everyone can choose from our default statuses, on our new Product Management plans you can also create custom statuses.

How do I create a custom status?

  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  • Choose "General Settings"
  • Click "Suggestions"
  • Click "Public Statuses"

The default statuses are already in place and ready to use. They include—Under Review, Planned, Started, Completed, and Declined. You have two options when it comes to creating a custom status….

  • Edit: This allows you to edit a status. For example, if you change “Complete” to “In Progress,” all ideas that were previously marked “Complete” will now be marked as “In Progress.”
  • Add New: This creates a completely new status (so you don’t have the possible issues you do when editing a current one).

What can I do with a custom status?

  • Label: This is what will show up on the idea when it receives the status. I.e. Under Review, Needs Input, Completed etc…
  • Color: Choose the color you want the status to be. This will be displayed on your forums. You have a rainbow of options to choose from. 
  • Voting: Select 'Closed' if you want to disable voting on ideas with this status. The default Completed and Declined statuses have voting closed.
  • Allow New Comments: This option is checked by default, but you can opt to disable new comments on ideas when they are given a specific status. All of the default statuses allow new comments.

When you’re done creating or editing your status, click “Save Status.”

How do I reorder or delete a status?

  • Reorder: You also have the option to reorder your statuses. This will only affect how they appear in the drop-down menu when you update the Status within an idea. “Open” statuses will always appear above “Closed” statuses, though.
  • Delete: Have a status you need to get rid of? Simply click “Delete.” A pop-up screen will ask you to confirm, show you how many ideas are connected to that status and give you two options.

Remove the Status: This will delete the status and remove it from any ideas it’s connected to. Those ideas will no longer have a status.

Move the Status: You can move ideas associated with that status to a different one. So, if you were deleting the status “Under Review,” you could move all ideas to another status of your choice.

Now you know how to use custom statuses. Go have some fun with them!

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