Capturing feedback from users

Customers give you feedback over the phone, on social media or through your sales team. You need a way to subscribe them to the relevant ideas and track their feedback on those ideas. And you can :)

Add a user's support to an idea in the admin console

When viewing an idea, click the "kabob" icon (3 vertical dots) and choose "Add Supporter..."

You'll then be prompted to enter details on the feedback and user. You are required to enter a user and their feedback.

Click "Add supporter," and you're done!

Similarly, you can also capture a user's feedback anywhere in the admin console by clicking the "+" icon in the lower left sidebar:

Viewing Manually added Feedback

Click into the suggestion and choose the "Details and activity tab". On the left, click the checkbox next to "Requests" and you'll see a list of all feedback manually added to the idea. 

Quick FAQs

  • If the forum is private, and the user does not have access to that forum, you can still subscribe them. They will get the status updates on that idea, but the email won't contain any links back to the forum.

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