Create, organize and edit Topics for Knowledge Base articles

We will outline what's possible. If you are looking for additional functionality, please share your ideas on our Knowledge Base idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

To get started click the icon in the bottom left corner → Choose "General" from the drop down menu → Click "Article Topics." [If you’re on an old version of UV, your settings will be accessed from the admin header.]

You’ll see your current Knowledge Base topics listed. You have several options.

  • Reorder:Click on the little “Reorder” icon, and move the topics into the order you want.
  • Add a New Topic:This allows you to add a new topic. You can create and organize all your topics at the same time.
  • Edit:This allows you to edit and change a current topic.
  • Delete:This deletes the topic. The articles associated with the topic won’t be deleted; they’ll just no longer be assigned to a topic.

Now you’re all set to create, manage and order your Knowledge Base topics!

Q: How do I change the order of articles within a Knowledge Base Topic? 
A: This article will walk you through how.

Q: Can I create sub-topics?
A: Not at this time. Support our idea for this feature here.

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