Set up the Satisfaction Widget

This article walks through how to set up and use the Satisfaction widget. The Satisfaction widget lets users rate your organization based on how likely they would be to recommend it. 
"Satisfaction" is one mode of the UserVoice widget; check out this article for details about using the various modes separately. 

[This feature may not be available on your current plan. If you don’t see the option to create an NPS widget, contact to learn how to upgrade.]

Set up the Satisfaction Widget

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Satisfaction WidgetThe Satisfaction Widget asks users, “How likely would you be to recommend your company to a friend or colleague?” They can choose a score between 0—10.

0-6 are detractors
7-8 are passives
9-10 are promoters

When a user chooses a score, they will be prompted to share why they gave that rating, and for their email address (or you can pass the email address for them). When they give you feedback, it creates a ticket on your UserVoice account, so you can follow up with the user.

You can auto-prompt users every 60 days for Satisfaction. This helps you hear from all users, so you can identify pain points, and prevent churn. We'll walk you through the different parts of the Satisfaction Widget, and how to set it up.

Setting up the Satisfaction Widget

Getting the Satisfaction Widget Code
  • Go to Settings -> Widgets
  • In Step 1, set the starting experience to Satisfaction
  • Copy the code in Step 2
  • Add the widget code to your website
  • Add the code to your website right before the final </body> tag (for more details on how to add the widget code to your site, check out this article.)
Use just the Satisfaction widget 

By default, the UserVoice widget includes Satisfaction and the contact form. You can disable the other parts of the widget by adding contact_enabled: 'false' to the widget code.

Auto-Prompt for Satisfaction

 With auto-prompts, the Satisfaction widget is shown after 60 days of activity and every 60 days after that. Two things to keep in mind with auto-prompts...
  • To turn auto-prompts off and on go to  Settings -> Widgets -> Scroll down to "Autoprompts" and click "Edit."
  • For auto-prompts to work you do have to use our .identify feature. This is required so we can ensure we don't auto-prompt a user too often.
Satisfaction Tweets and Follow-up

When a user gives you a 9 or 10, you can simply thank them for their feedback or encourage them to tweet about it.
  • Go to Settings
  • Widgets
  • Scroll down and click "Satisfaction Tweet and follow-up."
  • Choose whether you want to prompt them to tweet, or just "Thank them..."

Setting the Company Name

The Satisfaction Widget uses your company name in the ratings question. To change it...
  • Go to Settings
  • General
  • Scroll down and click "Account, Billing and Usage"
  • You'll see "Organization Name and Website." Click edit
  • Update the company name
Can I have it ask about a product instead of a company name? No, not at this time, but we do have an idea about adding this feature, which you can find here.

Can I customize the Satisfaction question? No, not at this time. This is because the rating and report are based on a very specific question. Changing the question would result in an useless or even misleading report. We do have an idea about being able to customize the Satisfaction question, which you can find here.

Get More Data on who Gave Satisfaction Ratings

You can use Satisfaction along with our .identify feature. Identify lets you pass user traits like MRR, User Type, Plan Level and LTV. This lets you filter Satisfaction, so you could see the satisfaction for users who are owners or on a paid plan.

And it also lets you pass the email address for them, so they don't have to enter it when giving a rating. This article walks through how to set this up.

See users Satisfaction Ratings when Viewing Ideas and Tickets

When answering a ticket or when you see an idea on your forum, you'll see a user's profile on the right in Inspector. If a user has given a Satisfaction Rating, it will show you if they are a Promoter (green), Passive (yellow), or Detractor (red). If you hover over the icon, it will show you their latest rating.

Viewing your Satisfaction Analytics

The Satisfaction Report (Analytics -> User Satisfaction) gives you data on the ratings you've received, and users overall satisfaction. This article walks through the different metrics.

Responding to Users's Satisfaction ratings

When a user submits a rating, they are prompted to give more details on why they gave you that rating. If they do, it creates a ticket on your UserVoice account, so you can follow up with the user.

You can also set up a rule, so tickets created via the Satisfaction widget get a special auto-reply, are assigned to a queue or get tagged with a ticket field.

Advanced widget implementation

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