Use a link (custom trigger) to open the UserVoice Widget

Basic Implementation:

To begin, make sure you've already placed the widget code on your site by following the setup instructions found here: Setup Instructions.

Next, you'll simply need to add the data-uv-trigger HTML attribute to your element.  For Example:

<a href="" data-uv-trigger>Feedback</a>

Additional Setup Options:

The default setup listed above will cause the link to open the Contact widget mode despite the configurations you chose when you created the widget initially.  To choose which widget mode is used when the user clicks on the link, add the following to the HTML attribute:


This means you can swap it out what is between the quotation marks to any of these options:
  • satisfaction
  • smartvote
  • post_idea
For example:

<a href="" data-uv-trigger="post_idea">What should we build next?</a>

<a href="" data-uv-trigger="satisfaction">How are we doing?</a>

Enabling the Menu

By default, when using a custom trigger, the menu in the widget will be disabled. So if you set the starting experience to "Post idea" that's all that will show. 

If you want the menu enabled, add menu_enabled:'true to the widget code. 

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