User Activity and Details in UserVoice

When you click a user's profile or are viewing their ticket, the Inspector sidebar will display, giving you additional details on users. 

User's Name (this name is pulled from social media profiles and may not always be accurate)
User's Email Address
Social Media Profiles
Local Time (if we have their IP address)

Activity Gadget

The Activity gadget shows you a list of the user's tickets (envelope), ideas they support (lightbulb), comments they've made (chat bubble) and ideas they've added support to (heart).

User and Account Traits

Our .identify feature lets you pass data on your users from your website to UserVoice. These show up in User and Account Traits. This is helpful if you need more details on a specific user like their plan level or user type. Learn how to set up and use .identify.

[Account traits may not be available on your current plan. Contact to learn how to upgrade.]

Company Insight Gadget

This gadget looks up a user’s email domain and, if they’re from a major corporation, it pulls in any related Forbes and Alexa information about their company. This gadget is enabled by default on your account

Create Your Own Custom Gadget

But maybe you have your own CRM or another system you want to pull in information from. You can create your own custom gadget. This article explains how to do this. (Note: you will need a developer to set this up). 

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