Set up the Mobile (iOS and Android) SDK's

Learn how to get started with our Mobile SDK's, including customization, language options, and reporting bugs.
If you're looking for features not outlined here or in our developer documentation, please, share it as ideas on our Forums. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

Demo the Mobile SDKs 

Wondering how our SDKs work, and what the experience looks like for end users? Check out our demo apps.

Set up the Mobile SDKs

Our developer documentation on Github walks through how to implement our mobile SDKs and your different options.

Customize the Mobile SDKs

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iOS Customization 

On iOS, we have a simple theming system where you can set colors on the global stylesheet object. Here's the details from our Github page

You can customize the appearance of the UserVoice user interface by setting certain key colors.
#import "UVStyleSheet.h"
[UVStyleSheet instance].tintColor = [UIColor redColor];
[UVStyleSheet instance].tableViewBackgroundColor = [UIColor whiteColor];
See UVStyleSheet.h for a complete list of the visual properties you can modify.

Common Questions
  • But I want to customize more of the iOS SDK? If there are more customization options you would like to see, please, share it on our mobile SDK forum
  • Can I customize text? The text is standard. However, the code is open source and all the strings used in the iOS SDK are stored in the Resources folder, making it fairly easy to customize. 
  • Are there any other customization options? The code is open source so you can download it and make more in-depth changes, but this is not something we have a guide for at this time.
Android Customization 

Android has a comprehensive theming system built into the operating system. Our SDK attempts to work well with this, so it should automatically inherit the styles of the host application. 

If you're having specific issues with the theming, please file a bug on Github with a screenshot. 

There are some bits, such as article content, which cannot inherit the stylesheet, so we try to detect your app style and apply similar styles to the web view.

Common Questions:
  • Can I customize text? The text is standard. However, the code is open source and all the strings used in the Android SDK are stored in Android strings resources, making it fairly easy to customize. 
  • Can I do more advanced customization? It is possible for you to modify the Android source to make more in-depth changes than what can be accomplished via theming, but we don't have a guide for this.

Language Options for the mobile SDKs

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You're using the Android, iOS or both mobile SDKs, but want to know what your language options are.

The mobile SDKs will detect the user's language, and display the standard UI text in that language if we have a translation available. It will display articles and ideas in whatever language they were written.

To learn what translations are currently available or how to add your own, check out the Github page for each Mobile SDK

Reporting Bugs on the Mobile SDKs

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You're using one of the mobile SDKs and have encountered a bug. Not good! 

First, make sure you are using the latest version of the iOS or Android SDK.

If you are, file the issue on the Github page for the mobile SDK you are using.
This lets our mobile SDK developer look into the issue, and follow up with you directly if he has any questions.

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