Answering Tickets

This article covers how to answer a ticket from the admin console, create a ticket for a customer, add images to replies, and add users to a ticket thread. To learn how to answer tickets via email, check out this article

Answering Tickets Video Tutorial 

Add Images to a Ticket Reply

  • When answering a ticket, click the image embed button in the editor
  • You'll see the screen to upload a file or drag and drop an image. Upload the image you want to use.
  • Click the blue button to "Insert Image" and you're done!
My image is hosted on a website. What do I do? When you click the image embed button, click the "Embed Media from a URL" tab and paste in the URL of the image.

Change the Contact on a Ticket

Maybe your teammate forwarded an email into UserVoice for you to answer, or you simply need to change the contact email on the ticket. You can do this in two places when answering a ticket.

When viewing a ticket, you'll see "Contact" at the top. Click "Change" to enter a new email address.

Below the message area, you'll also see the "To" field. You can change the contact there as well. Both work :)

Include Ticket Thread will not include previous messages if the contact is changed. If you change the contact on a ticket, the previous messages will not be included even if that option is checked. The thinking behind this was that this feature would be most used when emails were forwarded into a UserVoice account. In those situations, you would probably not want users to see the message included with the forward. This feature's use has evolved beyond that, though, and if you would like to see us change how this works, please, add your thoughts on the idea here!

Add Contacts (Cc or Bcc) to a Ticket

You're answering a ticket, and need to copy someone else on the message. We'll walk you through how to add a Cc and/or Bcc to the ticket. 

Adding a Cc/Bcc to a ticket
  • When you click on a ticket to respond, you'll see Cc/Bcc before the "From" field at the bottom of the ticket message area. 
  • Click it to expand both fields and enter your Cc and/or Bcc contact
  • You'll also see the option to "Include ticket thread." Leave this box checked if you want the users copied to see previous emails in the ticket thread.

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