Set up and Use SmartVote

This article covers how to set up a SmartVote poll, implement the SmartVote widget, and use advanced set up options. The SmartVote feature lets your users rank ideas against each other so you can find out which ones consistently come out on top. 
SmartVote is one mode of the UserVoice widget; check out this article for details about using the various modes separately.

[SmartVote may not be available on your current plan. If you don’t see these options, contact to learn how to upgrade. If you are on a legacy feedback plan, you'll want to reference this article.]

Set up and use SmartVote

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The SmartVote widget shows users a set of two ideas, and asks them to choose which idea they want you to build next. When a user picks an idea, they can choose to just "pick" it or they can "pick+subscribe" which subscribes them to updates.

Why use SmartVote?

SmartVote has users rank ideas. While users creating and supporting one another's ideas helps you gauge interest, it doesn't let you see how users would rank ideas.  SmartVote has users prioritize ideas as they pick between them. It lets you see how ideas are ranked against one another and which ideas consistently come out on

You can also auto-prompt users every 30 days for SmartVote, so you can engage your more silent users that have valuable feedback to share, but might not post on your forum.

Setting up a SmartVote Poll

To get started with SmartVote, you need to choose which ideas you want tested in SmartVote. This is called a poll.
  • Click on the feedback icon in the left hand menu
  • Click the "Forums" tab
  • Choose the forum you want to run a poll for (polls are done per forum)
  • Click the "SmartVote Polls" Tab
  • Click the "New SmartVote poll" button
  • Enter the polls name and click "Create"
Adding Ideas to a Poll
  • Once you've created the poll, click to view it
  • Then click the "Add suggestion" button at the top to add ideas. You'll be given a list of ideas in that forum, and can filter them by category, status or label.
  • Click the blue "Add to Poll" button to add an idea to the SmartVote Poll.
  • You can also add ideas when viewing them in the forum. When you're viewing an idea, click the "SmartVote" Tab. You'll be able to see if it's already in a SmartVote poll, and click the option to add it to one.

A couple of things to keep in mind when setting up a poll...
  • You can add new ideas at any time, but each time you add ideas, it will increase the amount of time the poll needs to run to get results.
  • You can remove ideas from a poll in the SmartVote poll settings.
  • Polls are specific to forums, and you can run multiple polls at once. If you are running more than one poll on a forum, it will cycle through the ideas from different polls when a user uses SmartVote. So it may test ideas from 3 different polls, but the ideas will only be tested against ideas within the same poll.
  • The more polls you have running, the longer it will take to get results on each.
  • If a user has gone through all of the polls for that forum, the widget will default to "Post an Idea."

Viewing your SmartVote Results

  • Click the feedback icon on the left
  • Click the forum name
  • Click the SmartVote polls tab
  • Click the poll you want to see results for
A poll has Three Statuses:
  • Active: This means the ideas are still being tested, and we don't yet have conclusive results
  • Completed: Means we've tested each of the ideas enough that we are confident with the ranking of the ideas. We will email the poll creator when the poll is completed.
  • Paused: Means an admin has paused the poll and it is not currently being tested.
As ideas are tested, they are broken into "Tiers." It is possible for ideas to be in the same tier, which basically means they are tied for that ranking. Tiers can be subject to change while a poll is active. 

When viewing the SmartVote results, we will show you the number of supporters for the idea along with the MRR value of the users who support it (this option is available if you use Account traits to pass through MRR (monthly recurring revenue)
Learn more here).

Setting up the SmartVote Widget

  • Getting the SmartVote Widget code
  1. Go to Settings (click the gear icon) -> Widgets
  2. If you want SmartVote to be the starting experience, set that in Step 1
  3. Copy the code in step 2
  4. Add the widget code to your website. We recommend adding the code right before the final </body> tag. For more details on how to add the widget code to your site, check out this article.
  • Setting the Forum: The SmartVote widget can only pull ideas from one forum. By default it pulls from the default forum in your feedback settings, but you can set a different forum in the widget code with forum_id: 'xxxxx' (the ID of the forum you want to use).
  • Auto-Prompt for SmartVote: With auto-prompts, the SmartVote widget is shown after 7 days of activity and every 30 days after that. Two things to keep in mind...
  • To turn auto-prompts off and on go to  Settings -> Widgets -> Scroll down to "Autoprompts" and click "Edit."
  • For auto-prompts to work you have to use our .identify feature. This is required so we ensure we don't auto-prompt a user too often.
  • Post an Idea: The SmartVote widget is smart. If a specific user has already cycled through all the polls for your forum and "picked," it will default to post an idea.

Advanced widget implementation

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