Pull in user data from your CRM and display it in UserVoice

When an agent is viewing a ticket, they will see the Inspector sidebar on the right. This shows things like the user's activity on your UserVoice site, their time zone (if we have their IP address), social media accounts etc...

But you can also pull in data from your CRM with a custom gadget. This allows agents to see all the necessary details on a user when answering their tickets, and means they don't have to open another tool to get information on a user. 

Our developer documentation walks through how to set this. You will most likely need a developer resource on your end to help you set this up. 

Can I run a rule based on a user's plan level or type? You can't do this with our gadget integration. However, if you set up ticket fields, you can run a rule on custom data passed through the widget. This article walk through passing custom data through the widget. 

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