Change the subdomain of your UserVoice site

So you want to change your current UserVoice subdomain (i.e. Maybe your company name has changed, the purpose of your UserVoice site has shifted, or you want to try something new.

Changing your subdomain is pretty straightforward, but you'll need to be prepared to make some updates after the switch.

Be Prepared to...

1. Update all your links. Links to your old subdomain will no longer work. 

  • Links on your website that point to will need to be changed to the new subdomain.
  • SSO/API code that might reference your old subdomain (this is only if you're using Single Sign-On or the API).

2. Update your email forwarding for tickets

  • If you're forwarding tickets to, it will no longer work after the change. That email address will be obsolete. Update your forwarding, so it forwards to the new system email address. You'll find the new address in Settings → General →  Tickets → Email Addresses.
  • If customers are using the old, be sure to let them know when the address changes.
3. Re-Upload Knowledge Base Images
  • If you uploaded images directly to an article, the images will break once the subdomain has been changed. You will need to re-add the images after the subdomain has been changed.
4. Update your mobile SDKs
  • Our mobile SDKs are configured off of your subdomain, so these will need to be updated so they continue to work once the subdomain is changed
5. Re-Install the Contributor Sidebar
Pro Tip: We actually recommend setting up a domain alias (which allows all previous images, links, and email forwarding to continue to work) if you need to update your site's URL. Check out this article for details.

So how do you change the subdomain?

 Click the icon in the bottom left corner → Choose "Web Portal" from the drop-down menu → Scroll down to "Domain name" → Click "Edit."

You'll see "Hosted Subdomain" with your current one listed.

Enter the new subdomain name, and click "Save Settings."

Then make the updates as outlined above, and you're all set. When checking to see if it as updated, make sure you are viewing a fully refreshed version of the page (i.e. you're not loading the page from your browser's cache).

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