Use Trend Reports to measure an idea's activity over time

Your idea has 200 supporters, but are they all from a year ago when the idea was first posted? How do you measure how an idea has performed over time? Supporter count can be helpful but doesn't tell you the whole story.

Trend Reporting helps you answer these questions as you evaluate ideas for your product roadmap.

Viewing an Idea's Activity

Click the lightbulb icon on the left -> Click "All open suggestions" -> You can filter ideas by forum, category, status, and label. 

When viewing the list of ideas, you'll now see the Trend Report to the right of the idea.

[Note: If you don't see the report, make sure you have the tiles for Average Customer Activity, and New Customer Activity selected: Screenshot.]

Understanding the Numbers

Customer activity counts unique users per day. So if a user supports an idea and leaves a comment on the same day, their activity is counted once. If they come back a day later to leave another comment, that counts as a separate piece of activity.

  • Average Customer Activity: The average number of new supporters and comments for the lifetime of the idea, normalized to 30 days. So in our example, the idea, which is five years old, has an average of 8.5 comments or new supporters for a 30 day period. The Sparkline gives you a quick visualization of the trend.
  • New Customer Activity: The actual number of new supporters and comments on the idea in the last 30 days. In our example, the idea had 2 comments or new supporters in the last 30 days. The percentage compares the new activity, to the average, and then gives you the percentage it's either up or down. So with two new supporters or comments, our ideas engagement is down 76.4% from the average of 8.5 supporters/comments. This helps you quickly see if the ideas engagement has increased in the last 30 days.

Getting more Details on an Idea's Activity

You might want to do a deeper dive, though, and get more details than a small sparkline. If you click on the idea's title, you'll see a more detailed, week-over-week trend line, which will give you more insight on the number of new supporters/comments on a weekly basis.

In our example, we can see we had 13 users comment or support the idea the week of 4/28/13, but activity has quieted down in recent weeks. So while the idea was extremely popular at one point, there's not much interest now.

Filter Ideas by Activity

Now you understand the basics of Trend Reporting, but what are some ways you can use this?

Click the "Customer Activity" button at the top of the forum. By default, it will have "Don't filter by customer activity" selected.

Want to identify stale ideas with no activity? You can view ideas with no activity in the last 24 hours, 90 days or even year.

Want to understand your trending ideas? You also have the option to only view ideas with activity in the last 24 hours or 30 days.

Pro Tips

You can combine a Customer Activity Filter with labels and categories, so you can narrow down which ideas you're viewing activity on. This would allow you to see ideas with activity in the last 30 days on a specific product area or with a specific label [learn more about using labels here].

You can even save your search as a custom view, so you can quickly view ideas that meet this filter at any time. Need to know more about custom views? Check out our guide here.

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