Change the language of your web portal

You're getting started with your UserVoice account, and you need to get the language set for your UserVoice site. We'll walk you through how this works.

To change your web portal's language:
  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner [If you’re on an old version of UV, your settings will be accessed from the admin header.]
  • You'll be on the "General" settings tab
  • Scroll and you'll see "Language and Time Zone" 
  • Click "Edit" 
  • You'll see the option to change the default language.
Now, when a user lands on your web portal the standard UI text will show in the default language you set. Custom content that is written by admins or users (forum names, idea titles, category names, etc.) will show in whatever language it was written in.

Need to support multiple languages? Learn more about your options here. 

Common Questions

  • How do I change the language of a forum? Click the Settings icon -> On the "General" tab, click "Feedback Forums" -> Click "Forums" -> Click "Edit" for the forum's language you want to change. Learn more about setting up your forum here.   
  • I don't see my language listed as an option:  All our translations are maintained by the community. If your language isn't listed, it means we don't yet have a complete translation. You can add a language, or contribute to existing language projects at
  • A phrase isn't translated or is wrong: If a translation is missing or incorrect, you can submit a translation at
  • Can I change the language of the admin console? Yes, click on your avatar in the menu bar, and choose "My Profile." You'll see the option to change the language for the admin console. This will only change your admin console language (so other agents can have a different language setting).
  • Do you support RTL languages: We do not support RTL languages at this time.

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