Internal labels on ideas

Labels are internal tags you can use to organize ideas (admins will be able to see and use them, but not end users). We'll walk you through how to set them up and the different ways you can use them.

Create your Labels

  • Click the Ideas icon on the left 
  • Click the "Labels" tab at the top of your views and forums.
  • Existing labels will display here. 
  • Click the '+' icon on the left to create a new label.
  • You'll be prompted to enter the Label name, and you can choose to nest it under an existing label

Bulk add labels

  • To bulk add a label to suggestions, click the checkbox next to the suggestions you wish to add the labels. (Note, you can only add bulk labels to 5,000 suggestions at a time).
  • Click "More actions" from the top menu and choose "Modify labels".
  • Select the labels you wish to add to the selected suggestions.

How do I create a label when editing an idea?  When viewing an idea in a forum, click the Label" icon, and the bottom of the menu, you'll see the option to "Create label" or even "Manage" your existing labels.

Managing your Labels

Click the Ideas icon -> Click the Labels tab at the top of the page. 

You will be able to see how many suggestions are using an existing label and can click through to view them. 

If you click the ... option on the right, you will be able to edit the label, change which labels it is nested under and even delete it.

How to use Labels

To find all ideas with a specific label, go to the main ideas area (on the back end, from the lightbulb icon on the left) click the "Labels" tab, and you can choose which labels to filter by.

All ideas with the labels you selected will be returned (this is an OR search). This allows you to tag ideas, and find just those ideas with the labels you have selected.

You also have the option to save your filters as views, which is covered in this article.

Get the Most out of your Labels

Certain ideas may be really important to your top-tier customers, while others are geared more toward the mid-market. No matter how you categorize user ideas, labels make it easy to keep track of how everything fits together. 
  • You can use labels to categorize potential features by strategic value and estimated cost of development to help with prioritization.
  • You can use labels to identify the product manager or team responsible for creating the detailed requirements for a particular idea.
Maybe there’s a feature that your competitor has that you want to flag as a priority - labels can help! Once you have added labels to your ideas, you can filter ideas by multiple labels to hone in on exactly the types of ideas you want to prioritize.

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