Export data for a set of ideas

Need to get data for your ideas or forums? We can do that!

[Note: some legacy plans may not include these export options. Contact support@uservoice.com to learn how to upgrade.]

Export data for a set of ideas

When viewing a list of ideas, you have the ability to use filters and search to find the ideas you're interested in. Once you have narrowed down your list of ideas, you can export data for the ideas in that list. You can export ideas across some or all forums and in combination with other filters.  

1. Click the feedback icon on the left (lightbulb) -> Click "All open suggestions" or click into a saved view

2. Use the filters and search bar to find the ideas you want to export. For more details on the search and filter functions, check out this article

3. Click the export button and select "export current dataset". 

You will be presented options to export the individual suggestions, or to export specific activity around the desired suggestion set. 

Your export will arrive in an email to your agent email address, containing a link to download a spreadsheet with the data.

I have an older version of UserVoice. How do I export data from a forum?

Go to Feedback (left hand menu) -> Click the forum name -> You'll see the option to "Export to Excel" at the top of the forum. If you're within a specific idea, you will also see the option to export users or comments for a specific idea.

Exporting all data

If you wish to export suggestions across forums or users, go to "Settings -> General -> Scroll down to Export data."

Here, you will be able to choose a timeframe for which you want to export all data. 

Once exported, you will receive an email message to your agent address, containing links to download a spreadsheet of the data.

I still haven't gotten the export email: The exports will be sent from no-reply@yoursubdomain.uservoice.com. Check your spam folder or any filters. It's possible the email got flagged since it does come from a no-reply@.

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