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Suggestion Views and Custom Notifications

UserVoice’s saved views and notifications make it easy for everyone on your product team to get alerted to just the information that’s relevant to them. 

Set up Custom Views and Notifications

When viewing ideas on the back end of your UserVoice site, you have the option to filter and sort ideas.  You can filter by labels (what are labels and how do you use them?), forums, categories, statuses, and admin responses. You can use just one filter or combine multiple filters.

Once your results are returned, click the "Save as..." button on the right, which will save it as a personalized view for your admin profile.

When you create a view, you'll see the option to name the view, and choose what notifications you want to receive for that view. You will get a daily summary with the activity options you checked for your views.

How do I manage my views and notifications?

To manage your views, click the Ideas icon in the left-hand menu. You'll see a list of your views at the top of the page. If you click "edit" for a view, you can change the notifications settings or name of the view.

Where do I see My Views when logging in?
When you navigate to the lightbulb icon  on the left hand menu, you will see your Saved Views listed at the top of the page, above your forums. 

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