Setting up a forum

You're getting started with your UserVoice account, and need to get your forum set up. We'll walk you through the basic settings, so you can get started.

[Note: You will need to be on a plan that includes our Product Management Platform. If you are using just Support Tools, you will not have access to forums.]

Create or Edit a Forum

By default, you will have a General forum on your account. To add a forum, or edit an existing one:
  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner [If you’re on an old version of UV, your settings will be accessed from the admin header.]
  • Click “General"
  • Click “Feedback forums"
  • Scroll down and click “Forums"
To add a new forum, click "Add forum" or click "Edit" to make changes to an existing forum.

Your Setting Options

  • Forum Name: This is the name of your forum
  • Prompt and Field Placeholder: The prompt is the question you want users to answer when creating ideas, like "How can we make UserVoice better" and the placeholder text is where they will enter their idea.
  • Categories: Categories allow users to segment ideas by product or app setting. You can also require this when a user creates an idea.
  • Welcome Message: This will show at the top of the forum, and is a great place to explain the purpose of your forum, give any additional details to users, and even call out specific ideas you want to highlight.
  • Set the Language:  By default, the forum language will be set to English, but you can change the language of the forum. With this feature, when a user arrives on that forum, the UI text will automatically show in the language you set.(You also have the option to set the language of your UserVoice site. Learn more here).
  • Privacy Settings: You do have the option to make your forum private. This article walks through your options.
  • Forum State: Forums are set to Open by default, and allow users to create ideas, support them, and comment. If you set the Forum to "Closed," users will still be able to view ideas and comment, but will not able to support an idea or create a new one.

Add Ideas to your Forum

A great way to get the conversation started on a new forum is to seed the forum with ideas. We recommend creating ideas around features you are already planning or considering...
  • Click the feedback icon (lightbulb) on the left
  • Click "All open suggestions"
  • Click the forum filter and select the forum you just added
  • Click the "More" button in the top right corner
  • Click "Add suggestion" from the drop down menu
This helps users as they arrive on your forum feel comfortable creating their own ideas.

Can I add users as supporters on ideas? Yes, you can. This article walks through how to do this.

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