Search and Filter Ideas

When viewing a list of ideas, you have the ability to use filters and search to find the ones you're interested in. (To view all of your ideas, click the Ideas icon on the left -> Click "All open suggestions".)


There are four filters available:
  • Forum & category: the category filters are nested within the forum filters
  • Status: the current status of the idea
  • Labels: internal tags on ideas (more information about using labels can be found here)
  • Customer Activity: pick a time frame to see suggestions with new comments and supporters from that time
Important things to consider when using filters:
  • You can use multiple values within each filter, and multiple filters with each other.
  • An idea cannot belong to multiple categories and statuses, so these filters provide a good way of excluding ideas from your results.
  • Labels by themselves are "inclusive", since an idea can be tagged with multiple labels. This means when you apply a label to the filter, it will return all ideas that have at least that label. It will not return ideas that only have that label.
  • This is also how the filters work when you have multiple labels - we will return all ideas with at least one of the labels.


You can search within a set of ideas by using the search bar on the right. 

When viewing "All open suggestions" you can search across all of your forums. You can use the search function in combination with any available filters.

Q: Search isn't returning the results I expect. What can I do?
A: See our troubleshooting guide for a walkthrough of how search works, and what to check.

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