Feedback Organization

There are three key features that will assist you with feedback organization: Forums, Categories, and Labels.  Setting up these items will help you optimize the time you spend reviewing your feedback. Organization will also help with creating saved views for quick looks into segments of feedback.

Forum Organization

Forums should be organized so that any person submitting feedback will never be confused about where to enter their feedback. This generally means not organizing forum by product manager unless it makes sense to the end user, but instead using labels to be able to accomplish this organization on the back end. 

Forums should be concise enough to not be confused, but you do not want to have users submitting the same feedback on multiple forums because the forums are too granular.

Examples of forum names are: “Product Features” for a general feedback forum, “Bugs” for bug reports and issues, Product name for a site with multiple product lines.

Forum Categories

Forum categories not only help you organize your feedback for reporting on later, they also allow your users to know what kind of feedback you’re looking for.  Categories are public facing so they should be broader groups that are obviously to your end users.  Your users will be selecting the category themselves, so when creating categories, think as your users would think.

Common examples are specific feature sets such as Reporting, Search, Mobile Optimization.  Also, they could be as broad as Feature Request and Bugs.


Labels allow you to internally categorize ideas in the admin console.  Since they are not visible to the end users on your forum, they allow you to organize more specifically for internal practices. With labels, you can quickly filter through or save a view of suggestions to understand common themes.

 Examples of commonly used labels are:

  • Product areas
  • Release timelines
  • Effort required
  • Reported by team (also see Capturing Requests)
  • Severity
  • Feature names
Read more about setting up labels here

Here are some examples of Forum, Category, and Label organization.

Multi Product Feedback

Single Product Feedback

Site Feedback


Product A (Internal/External/Beta)

Product B (Internal/External/Beta)







Reporting, Analytics, Search, iOS, Android,

Browsing, Shopping Cart, Search, Checkout, Products



L.o.E., Product Area, Timeline (Q1,Q2,etc.), Feature, Bug, Usability, Strategic Value, Seasonality

Saved Views

Every admin should have at least one saved view set-up. Saved views are a perfect way to quickly pull up the information you need to look for, but also allow you to receive a daily recap of what happened to the information you are interested in. Admins should have at least one saved view created that relates to the suggestions they most work with.


Product Manager for Product A, will want to save a view for suggestions that have the label Product A.

A Product Specialist responsible for responding to feedback will want to save a view for suggestions that have no status or no response. 

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