Rank and Analyze Your Ideas

Once you have suggestions coming in, analyzing those ideas will help you know what to act on.

SmartVote Polls

SmartVote Polls allow you to further prioritize ideas as well as gain direct feedback, which might not otherwise be provided. SmartVote should be used when ideas have been narrowed to a smaller list (no more than 10), but a decision on which to work on next cannot be made without further voting or information.

SmartVote is recommended to allow product groups to further eliminate the vocal majority as well as further pinpoint what users really want. Often, an idea with a high number of subscribers or votes may actually lose out to another idea with less when they are compared directly using SmartVote.

SmartVote also allows decisions to be made without having to organically wait on more subscribers or votes.

For example:

Company X had 6 ideas that were very popular in UserVoice. They wanted to see which of those 6 people would prefer. Instead of waiting for more voting to occur, they created a SmartVote with those 6 items so that users would be auto prompted in the SmartVote widget to decide which they would rather see. They also sent out the direct URL to the poll. Prior to the poll completion, they noticed that the 2 of the ideas ranked above the other 4. They decided to implement those 2 items.

Use Widgets to Capture User Traits

You can get further insights on your suggestions by passing user traits using our widgets, specifically the UserVoice Widget. When users submit ideas via the UserVoice widget, you can capture items such account plan, monthly rate, and Lifetime Value (LTV). This will allow you to analyze ideas by revenue.

An example of using this information is to compare the amount of revenue a suggestion impacts and then making a comparing against Level of Effort. Use a label on suggestions to denote the level of effort required to complete it.  Combining these 2 data points will help you make a more educated decision.

If you are using the NPS widget, the Net Promoter Scores scores users select will pass and be associated with the particular ideas that they support. You can use this information to analyze how many detractors you are impacting with implementing a certain suggestion.

Have your developer start here for more information on setting up widgets and what traits can be passed.

Analyzing Ideas

We encourage you to use our widgets mentioned above to pass user traits to allow for segmentation of your ideas for further analysis.

Once the data is passed, you can view it inline per suggestion or export it to a .csv for manipulation in Excel.

Understanding the number of supporters, the overall NPS, the overall Monthly Recurring Revenue can help you in prioritizing one idea over another.   

Average Customer Activity and New Customer Activity give you insight into the current relevance of suggestions. What was once popular a few months ago, may no longer be top of mind to your userbase. 

Use this data in conjunction with any SmartVote polls you have implemented to really get an overall picture of what's currently most important and to whom. 

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