Sample Template Announcing UserVoice to your Users

If you're just getting started with UserVoice, letting your users know that you want to hear from them is a critical step. 

Copy and customize this template to announce your feedback initiative to your end users via your own email marketing tool.  

Dear <<USERNAME>>,

<<COMPANY NAME>> is pleased to announce our new product feedback initiative aimed at giving YOU a say in the future of <<PRODUCT NAME>>.  <<COMPANY NAME>> has partnered with UserVoice, a feedback platform that allows you to:

  • Submit your ideas on what we should do next

  • See and vote on ideas other users have posted

  • Stay updated on our latest features and product roadmap

We want to hear from you!  Please visit our idea forum to see what other users are saying, or post your own idea to help define the future of <PRODUCT NAME>

We look forward to hearing from you.


<<Your Signature>>

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