UserVoice Setup Guide

This guide will walk you through how to set up your UserVoice web portal and forums. Your web portal is a customer-facing site where your users can submit ideas and vote on existing suggestions. A forum is a part of your web portal that serves as a distinct area for ideas about a certain topic or product.

Site Setup
Forum Setup
Import User and Account Data
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Site Setup

To get started, we’ll explain how to configure the basic settings for your web portal. This will include your site’s appearance, site text, and sign-in options. You can view your web portal at (replace “yourdomain” with the domain you chose when you created the account).

Access your web portal settings

  1. Sign into your UserVoice admin console (the URL for your admin console will be “”)
  2. Click the initials/avatar icon in the lower left-hand corner
  3. Select “Web Portal” in the settings menu

Configure your web portal’s appearance

Click “edit” next to “Appearance and Features” and you’ll see a few options for your site design. Here, you can add your company logo and change your site colors to match your branding. For more details on the options available in this section, check out this article.

Set your site text

Under the “Web Portal” tab of your Settings, click “Site Text” and you’ll have the option to add a Site Title and Welcome Message. The Welcome Message is a good way to inform your users of the purpose of your site, let them know how to use it, and set expectations. (You can also add a separate welcome message for your individual forums, we’ll cover that later.)
  • Example Welcome Message: “Welcome to the feedback portal for (ProductName). Have suggestions for how we can improve (ProductName)? Share them in the relevant forum below, or vote for the ideas you like best. We want to hear your feedback!
Please only include one suggestion per post. While we can't respond to every suggestion, we are committed to reading every post.”

Choose your sign-in options

Under the “Web Portal” tab of your Settings, locate “User Authentication” and click “Edit”. Here you can choose how your users will sign into your UserVoice site.

You can use standard UserVoice authentication (users sign in by entering an email address), users can sign in with Google or Facebook, you can configure your own Single Sign-On provider, or you can select a combination of all of the above. You also have the option to configure multiple SSO providers. To learn more about these sign-in options and why you should use them, check out this article.

Set up your Product Areas

Product Areas in UserVoice allow you to categorize Feedback and Features based on the part of your product that they will impact. This helps you identify trends and quickly drill down to the feedback or planned functionality that you want to focus on. To learn how to set up and use Product Areas check out this article.

Optional advanced setup

  • Custom Domain Alias: You can add a custom domain alias for your web portal which will allow you to use your own URL such as “”. Check out this article for more info. 

  • Make your site private: You can make your entire web portal private so that only your users can gain access. You can grant access to users via Single Sign-On or by IP address. This article will walk you through how to set this up.

  • Custom Design: You can further alter the appearance of your portal with our custom design feature. You can add your own HTML and CSS, or use one of our templates. You will need a technical resource on your end to do this. Find more info here

Forum Setup

Your forums will serve as distinct areas for ideas on different topics or products. To get started, we’ll walk you through how to configure your first forum. You can create additional forums later.

Access your forum settings

  1. Click the initials/avatar icon in the lower left-hand corner of your admin console
  2. Choose “General Settings”
  3. Click “Suggestions”
  4. Click “Forums” - from here you can add new forums and edit existing ones 

Choose your forum options

If you are working with a new UserVoice account, you will have a default forum in place called “General”. Click “edit” next to this forum to access the settings for this forum.

Prompt and Welcome Message: It’s important to add a Prompt and a Welcome Message that inform your users of the purpose of this forum. Be sure to make it clear if the forum is intended for a specific product or topic.
  • Example Prompts: “How can we improve (ProductName)?”
    “What problems does (ProductName) need to help you solve?”

  • Example Welcome Message: “Welcome to the user feedback forum for (ProductName). Please share your ideas for how we can make (ProductName) better. We are listening and we use this feedback to prioritize our roadmap!”
Make your forum private - You have the option to make individual forums private. Private forums might be used to collect feedback from a group of beta testers or from internal team members. You can grant access via Single Sign-On, email domain, IP address, or email invitation (this will be affected by the web portal sign-in options mentioned above). This article will walk you through how to set up a private forum.

For more details on your forum options, take a look at this article.

Set up your feedback structure

It’s important to organize your forums so users can easily tell where to enter their suggestions. It’s also critical that you and your team can review your ideas and easily find what’s important to you. This guide will walk you through how to structure your forums efficiently using Categories, Labels, and Saved Views.

Optional advanced setup

  • Import Suggestions: If you have existing ideas from another system or from your own records, you can import Suggestions from a CSV file. This article will walk you through how to do this. 
  • Import Supporters and Requests: Once you have imported Suggestions, you can also bring in the users who asked for them by importing Supporters and Requests. Check out this article to learn how. 

Import User and Account Data

To get the full picture of your user feedback and its potential impact on your business, we recommend adding your User and Account data to UserVoice. This allows you to analyze feedback based on things like revenue, plan level, or customer segment. There are 3 ways to get your User and Account data into UserVoice:
This guide will walk you through how to get started using User and Account fields in UserVoice.

Next Steps

Now that you have your first forum set up, you’re ready to start collecting feedback from your users. Check out the links below to learn how to set up additional channels for collecting feedback.

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