Getting Started with the Contributor Sidebar

With the Contributor Sidebar, anyone in your company can capture feedback on behalf of customers and have it saved directly in UserVoice. The Contributor Sidebar is a bookmark which can be opened on top of a webpage or app so your colleagues can:
  • Capture customer feedback from an email, sale's call or support ticket and link it to ideas in UserVoice
  • Quickly look up any customer to see their previous feedback
  • View status updates for existing feedback

Getting Started

Invite users
You can invite contributors to use the sidebar by going to Settings.

  • Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  • Click “General Settings” tab
  • Click “Users and permissions"

When you invite a teammate, you can set them as a Contributor and add them to a Team (learn more about Teams here). They will receive an email with instructions to complete the setup process. To invite multiple contributors at once, you can use a comma-separated list. 

Sharing the sidebar with your team
While the invite will include instructions for setting up the sidebar, you can also send them the link found in "Settings" under the "Sidebar" tab.  

Single sign-on
If you are using JSON SSO on your UserVoice account, passing "admin:deny" will remove a user's Contributor permissions.

Custom domain
If you are using a custom domain (or plan to use one) you will need to reinstall the sidebar if you:
  • implement a new custom domain
  • remove the custom domain
  • change the custom domain
Resources to help your Contributors get Started

Common Questions

Q. Where does the feedback go?
A. When you capture customer feedback with the sidebar, it will only be visible to admins on your UserVoice account. It will not be posted publicly.

Q. Do my team members get updates about the feedback they capture?
A. Yes. When an admin updates the status of an idea, Contributors will receive an email notification if they have captured feedback for that idea. The Contributors can opt out of these notifications, but the admin making the status update does not have the option to disable them. To learn more about Contributor Notifications, check out this article.

Q. Who can use the Sidebar?
A. Admins on your UserVoice account have access. You can also add contributor seats to your plan. Contributors can use the sidebar to capture feedback, but don't have access to the back end of your UserVoice account.

Q. What about websites that prevent unknown scripts from loading on the page?
A. If a website has a content policy that prevents unknown scripts from loading on the page, the sidebar will open as a pop-up window. Some of these sites are Twitter, Intercom, Salesforce Lightning, and Github.

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