Installing the Contributor Sidebar

So you've been invited to use the contributor sidebar, we'll walk you through what this means and how to start using it. 

What is the Contributor Sidebar?
The UserVoice contributor sidebar is a bookmark which can be opened on top of any web page or app. This will allow you to capture feedback from your customers and associate it with ideas in UserVoice. 

How do I install the Sidebar?
You should have received a link to the sidebar from your UserVoice admin. Opening that link will take you to an install page similar to the one in our video below. 

To install the sidebar, drag the green button on the install page onto your bookmarks bar. If you don't see your bookmarks bar, it may be hidden. You can show it in Chrome, Safari, and Internet Explorer by pressing "Control" (Command on Mac) + Shift + B. In Firefox press Control (Command on Mac) + B.

That's it, you're done! You can now click the sidebar bookmark to open it on top of any web page. Now that you have it set up, let's walk you through how to use it. This article will explain the basics. 

[This feature is only available with current Product Management plans. Learn more about our latest plans here.]

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