Managing Feedback Captured by the Contributor Sidebar

If your internal teams are using our Contributor Sidebar to capture feedback from end users, as a Product Manager you can view and manage the feedback you receive. Let's get started! 

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Viewing Feedback

  • Across all Forums: To review feedback coming in click the Ideas icon in the left-hand menu -> Click the "Activity and Moderation" tab at the top of the page. You will see all activity, including feedback, and you can set it so you only see feedback.
  • Within a Forum: If you want to only view requests within a forum, click the Ideas icon -> Click "All open suggestions" -> Click the forum filter and select the forum you want -> Click the " "Related Activity and Moderation" Tab within the forum.  You will see all activity and you can filter by feedback.
  • On an Idea: If you're looking into a particular product suggestion, though, you might want to only view feedback for that suggestion. Click the ideas icon on the left-hand menu -> Click "All open suggestions" -> You can filter suggestions by forum, category, status, and label -> click into the suggestion. You'll then be able to view and filter all feedback for this suggestion.

How do I Edit Feedback?

If you need to edit a piece of feedback, click the "Edit" button. You can change which forum it's posted to, and whether the user is subscribed to the idea or not. 

Where can I see Feedback by Team?

You can see reports by team within the Sidebar. Open the contributor sidebar, and click the menu icon -> Click "Top Requested Suggestions." You can then filter feedback by team. 

To learn more about managing contributor teams, check out this article.

Is there a report for feedback? Not at this time, but it's a great idea, and a feature we do want to add. Please share your suggestions on how you would like this to work on our forum.

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