Have Contributors Create Ideas on an Internal Forum

When Contributors capture feedback from end users, they have the option to create a new idea on behalf of the user. The Contributor will show as the creator, and they can choose the forum the idea is posted to when they create the suggestion.

If you don't want Contributor-created ideas to show on your customer-facing forums, you can create a private forum, and have your Contributors post their ideas to that forum.
  • To add a forum, click the icon in the bottom left corner -> choose "General" -> Feedback Forums -> Forums -> Click "Add forum." 
  • When you create the forum, check the option to make it private.
When a contributor creates an idea on behalf of a user, they can then choose the private forum.

How do I move an idea posted to the wrong forum? Click the "Lightbulb" icon in the left hand menu -> Click "All open suggestions" -> Search for and click the idea (you can filter by forum, category, status, and label) -> Click "Options" -> Click "Edit." You will see the option to edit the forum and category the idea is posted in.

Will users be notified of status updates on ideas in the private forum? If the Contributor subscribes the user to the idea, they will be notified of status updates, but the update will not include links to the forum. You do have the option to update the status of an idea and not notify subscribers.

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