Using the Contributor Sidebar

[This feature is only available with current Product Management plans. Learn more about our latest plans here.]

You can use the contributor sidebar to capture feedback or get customer insights from any web page. Learn more about the sidebar here.
1. Open the contributor sidebar from your bookmark's bar and click "Capture customer request"
If you don't have it set up yet, this article explains how.

2. Enter the user's email address
You can also search for a user, or choose from one of the email addresses on the page.

3. Enter the customer's request (feedback)
In this field, enter the customer's request using their words if possible. This text will only be visible to admins within UserVoice.

*Pro Tip: If you highlight the customer's request from the page you're on before opening the sidebar, the text will pre-populate in the request field.

4. Link request to the suggestion it supports**

When you capture a customer request, you will need to link it to an existing suggestion on your forum, or create a new suggestion to link it to.

If you create a new suggestion on behalf of a user, the suggestion you create will show you as the creator, and be visible to anyone with access to the forum.

**If this suggestion gets a status update, you'll receive a notification so you can follow up with the customer. To learn how to manage your notification preferences, check out this article

5. Subscribe the customer to updates
If you subscribe the customer to a suggestion, they will see it in their list of supported suggestions on your feedback forums. When the status of the suggestion is updated by an admin in UserVoice, they can choose to send an email notification to the subscribed customers.

Common Questions

Q: Why does the sidebar load in a new window? 

A: If the website you are on blocks unknown scripts from loading, the pop up will open in a new window. This is true for websites like Salesforce Lightening, Twitter, Github and Intercom. 

Note: The pop up is not supported with FireFox, so if you are on one of those sites, you will need to use a different browser. 

Q: How do I see other feedback the user has given?
A: Click the "View this person's existing requests" link under their email field to see other ideas, comments and feedback captured from this user. 

Q: Can I hide the sidebar?

A: Click the minimize icon in the top right corner, and it will become a small square icon in the top corner of your browser page. 

Q: I went to a new page, and the sidebar is missing?
A: Click the bookmark, and it will re-open the contributor sidebar on the page.

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