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We will walk through how to set up and use the Post Idea Widget. To use the Post Idea widget, you'll need to be on one of our current plans, or a legacy plan which includes product management.
"Post Idea" is one mode of the UserVoice widget; check out this document for details about using the various modes separately. 

Set up the Post Idea Widget

The Post Idea widget allows your users to post ideas directly to your public forums. When they type in their idea and click "Next", they'll be prompted with matching ideas from your forums. If they find an existing idea that matches they'll have the option to become a supporter. 

Setting up the Post Idea Widget Code

Click the icon in the bottom left corner -> click "Widgets". [If you’re on an old version of UV, your settings will be accessed from the admin header.]
In Step 1, set the starting experience to Post Idea
Copy the code in Step 2
Add the widget code to your website
Add the code to your website right before the final </body> tag (for more details on how to add the widget code to your site, check out this document.

Specifying a Forum

You have the option to specify a forum for the post idea widget. This will determine which relevant ideas are displayed in the instant answers feature, and also which forum that the user's idea will post to. If you do not specify a forum, the widget will use your default forum. 

To specify a forum, add the forum ID to the widget code as shown below. 
forum_id: '209871', // Defaults to your account’s default forum
Please note: The post idea widget does not work with private forums.

Managing your ideas

Now that users can post ideas, you'll want a way to organize and update them. You can add a public status to your ideas, tag them with internal labels, and add supporters

If you want to keep new ideas private until they are approved by an admin, you can enable pre-moderation. Check out this document to learn more about the moderation feature. 

Advanced widget implementation

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