Embed videos and media in Knowledge Base articles

You need to embed a video, image hosted on another website or another form of media. We'll walk you through the basics.

What types of media can I embed?

You can embed anything from videos, to images, to PDFs, to slide shares. The only stipulation is it does need to be hosted by one of the providers on embed.ly

Some of the Providers we host:

  • YouTube
  • Flickr 
  • Google Maps
  • SlideShare
  • Twitter Pics
  • Hulu
  • Urtak
  • Instagram
  • Craigslist
  • FourSquare
  • CNN
  • ESPN
  • And the list goes on...

You can find a full list on here.

How do I embed images, videos and media?

Now to get to the good stuff—how you do it.

  1. First, upload the image, video or media you want to embed to one of embed.ly's providers. Then copy the URL.
  2. Go to your article and click on the media icon in the menu bar. 

  3. Click the "Embed media from URL" tab and enter the URL of the image or video you want to add. Then save.
  4. Now your media is embedded directly in your article. 
Now you're ready to create articles that will help and even wow your customers.

Quick FAQs

  • Using embed.ly in your Knowledge Base articles is on us. The only reason you would be charged is if one of the providers you're hosting images on charges a fee for their hosting services.
  • Images don't have to be hosted on an embed.ly provider. All other forms of media do have be hosted on one of embed.ly's providers or they may not display correctly.
  • If your UserVoice site is https make sure the site where you host your media also supports https. For example, if your UV site forces SSL, the media's URL must also be https:// or it will not load.
  • Because of how Dropbox and Google Docs display images, we are not able to parse the image from the URL. 

Can I upload images directly to UserVoice? 

Yes, you can on any of our paid plans! This article walks you through how.

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