Knowledge Base

  1. Setting up your UserVoice Site 

    1. Customize your web portal and home page
    2. Set up your own URL (domain) for UserVoice
    3. Customize the HTML/CSS and Javascript of your UserVoice site
    4. Change the language of your account
    5. Make your site (and Knowledge Base) private
  2. Best Practices 

    1. Getting Started Guide for Product Management
    2. The Benefits of Supporters over Voting Limits
    3. Increase User Involvement on Your Feedback Forum
    4. Feedback Organization
    5. Managing Feedback for Continued User Engagement
  3. Getting Started with Product Management 

    1. Setting up a forum
    2. Set up a private forum
    3. Per Forum and Custom Notifications
    4. How users support and rank ideas
    5. Capture Feedback from Support, Sales or End Users
  4. Managing Ideas 

    1. Updating ideas and how users are notified
    2. Create, manage and organize internal labels on ideas
    3. Perform Bulk Actions on Suggestions
    4. Add (subscribe) users to an idea
    5. Add ideas in the Admin Console
  5. UserVoice Widgets 

    1. Set up the Contact Form and Instant Answers Widget
    2. Set up and Use SmartVote
    3. Set up the Satisfaction Widget
    4. Change the language of the Widget UI based on the user
    5. Classic Widget Guide
  6. Product Management Reporting 

    1. Use Trend Reports to measure an idea's activity over time
    2. Track visits to your Feedback Forums
    3. Export ideas (data) for a forum or your UserVoice site
    4. Dashboard Analytics and what it tells you
  7. Getting Started with Helpdesk 

    1. Set up your support email address for tickets
    2. Change the email (auto-reply) users receive when submitting a ticket
    3. Use custom fields to organize and track tickets
    4. Pass custom data through the widget and into the Helpdesk
    5. How to use Ticket Rules
  8. Using Helpdesk 

    1. Answering Tickets
    2. Organize and manage tickets (VIDEO)
    3. Tag and find tickets quickly
    4. Turn a ticket into an idea
    5. Go "off duty" as an agent
  9. Getting Started with the Knowledge Base 

    1. Set up your Knowledge Base (VIDEO)
    2. Create, organize and edit Topics for Helpdesk articles
    3. Position articles within a Helpdesk Topic
    4. Embed videos and images in Knowledge Base articles
    5. Create Articles
  10. Helpdesk Reporting 

    1. Track tickets and issues with Ticket Insights
    2. Measure your agents and team's performance
    3. User Satisfaction Report
    4. Track Article visits with Google Analytics
    5. Instant Answers Report
  11. Get User Data in UserVoice 

    1. Pull in user data from your CRM and display it in UserVoice
    2. User Activity and Details in UserVoice
  12. Integrations 

    1. UserVoice Salesforce Integration
    2. Create work items in Visual Studio Online (beta)
    3. Set up the Mobile (iOS and Android) SDK's
    4. Facebook and Twitter integration options
    5. Facebook app for Product Management
  13. Managing your Account 

    1. Managing admins, agents, and internal users on your account
    2. Change Plans
    3. Change (update) your Credit Card information
    4. Change the Owner on your Account
    5. Edit your agent profile
  14. Contributor Sidebar [Beta] 

    1. Getting started with the Contributor Sidebar [Beta]
    2. Using the Contributor Sidebar [Beta]
    3. Installing the Contributor Sidebar [Beta]
    4. Setting up Teams for the Contributor Sidebar [Beta]
    5. Managing Requests Captured by the Contributor Sidebar [Beta]
  15. Advanced Helpdesk Implementation 

    1. Measuring Article Helpfulness
    2. Measuring Customer Satisfaction on Tickets
  16. All articles 

    1. How do I customize my favicon?
    2. Modify your DNS records to ensure ticket emails reach customers
    3. Change the language of the Admin Console
    4. Set up the Ticketing System
    5. Browser support

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