Knowledge Base

  1. Get Started 

    1. UserVoice Overview
    2. UserVoice Setup Guide
    3. Collecting Feedback Guide
    4. Analyzing Feedback
  2. Best Practices 

    1. Product Manager's Guide to UserVoice
    2. Feedback Manager's Guide to UserVoice
    3. UserVoice Glossary
    4. Forum Organization
    5. Increase User Involvement on Your Forum
  3. Account Setup 

    1. Set up your own URL (domain) for UserVoice
    2. Customize your web portal
    3. Sign-in Options and Best Practices
    4. Language Settings for your Account
    5. Custom HTML/CSS and Javascript
  4. Forums 

    1. Setting up a forum
    2. Post Idea Widget
    3. Private forums
    4. Import Ideas (suggestions)
    5. Import supporters and requests
  5. Idea Management 

    1. VIDEO - Getting Started with Managing Ideas
    2. Suggestion Views and Custom Notifications
    3. Public Status Updates for Ideas
    4. Internal Status Updates for Ideas
    5. Internal labels on ideas
  6. Feedback 

    1. NPS Widget
  7. Roadmap 

    1. Create and Share your Roadmap
    2. Get Internal Feedback on your Roadmap
    3. Prioritize your Roadmap
    4. Set up Scores for your Roadmap
    5. Set up Custom Fields for your Roadmap
  8. Analyzing Feedback 

    1. Feedback Analysis Report
    2. Segment Feedback by Users, Accounts and MRR
    3. Measure the Impact of Ideas with the Analysis Export
    4. NPS Report
    5. Use Trend Reports to measure an idea's activity over time
  9. Contributor Sidebar 

    1. VIDEO - Using the Contributor Sidebar
    2. Getting Started with the Contributor Sidebar
    3. Installing the Contributor Sidebar
    4. Using the Contributor Sidebar
    5. Zendesk Integration for the Contributor Sidebar
  10. Users and Accounts 

    1. Getting Started with User and Account Traits
    2. Accounts Page and How to Use It
    3. Passing User and Account Traits
    4. Import User and Account Traits from a CSV
    5. Export Users
  11. Integrations 

    1. Jira Integration
    2. Salesforce Feedback and Opportunity Integration
    3. VSTS (Azure DevOps) Integration
    4. Salesforce Customer Traits Sync Service
    5. Setup custom Web / Service Hooks
  12. User Management 

    1. Changing end user profile information
    2. Block a user
    3. Export a user's data
    4. Delete a User
    5. Collecting Consent from EU Users
  13. Managing your Account 

    1. Managing admin permissions
    2. Admin License Types
    3. Change Plans
    4. Change the Owner on your Account
    5. Edit your agent profile
  14. Billing 

    1. Change your Credit Card information
    2. View/find a copy of past invoices
    3. Change billing email address
    4. My account is deactivated
    5. Credit card charge failed
  15. Managing My Profile 

    1. Delete my profile/information
    2. Export my data
    3. Reset your password
  16. Widget Customizations 

    1. Change the language of the Widget UI based on the user
    2. Classic Widget Guide
    3. Embedded (inline) Widget
    4. Use a link (custom trigger) to open the UserVoice Widget
    5. Adding the widget code to your website
  17. Troubleshooting Guides 

    1. Unable to sign in as an Admin
    2. Search not working as expected
    3. UserVoice site not Loading or Working
    4. Users not receiving replies to tickets
    5. My Ticket Rules aren't Working
  18. Getting Started with the Knowledge Base 

    1. VIDEO - Set up your Knowledge Base
    2. Create, organize, and edit Topics for Knowledge Base articles
    3. Position articles within a Knowledge Base Topic
    4. Embed videos and images in Knowledge Base articles
    5. Create Articles
  19. Getting Started with our Support Tools 

    1. Set up your support email address for tickets
    2. Set up the Contact Form and Instant Answers Widget
    3. Change the email (auto-reply) users receive when submitting a ticket
    4. Use ticket fields to organize and track tickets
    5. Pass custom data through the widget and into the Support Tools
  20. Using our Support Tools 

    1. Answering Tickets
    2. Answering Tickets via Email
    3. Tag and find tickets quickly
    4. Turn a ticket into an idea
    5. Go "off duty" as an agent
  21. Support Tools Reporting 

    1. Track tickets and issues with Ticket Insights
    2. Measure your agents and team's performance
    3. Track Article visits with Google Analytics
    4. Instant Answers
    5. Ticket Backlog Report
  22. All articles 

    1. Change your Credit Card information
    2. How do I customize my favicon?
    3. Modify your DNS records to emails reach customers
    4. Change the language of the Admin Console
    5. Set up your own URL (domain) for UserVoice

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