Users not receiving replies to tickets

This guide is written to assist with troubleshooting instances where users don’t receive or find your response to their message in their email inbox.

1. Contact UserVoice Support

Send a message to with the email address of the user or users complaining about not receiving replies.

What the Support Team will check:

  • Were there any errors when trying to deliver to the user’s email address? One common issue is the email to the user bounced and we weren’t able to deliver the message.

If the message shows as successfully delivered in our logs it means we sent the message, and the user’s mail provider accepted the message.

Proceed to Step 2.

2. SPF verification for custom email addresses

If you are using a custom ticketing email address in UserVoice (i.e., you must verify your SPF by adding a TXT record to your DNS.  This article walks through the steps. This is important since it tells mail providers UserVoice is authorized to send email on your behalf.

3. Have the user check spam and other filters

Have the user check their spam folder and any other mail filters they have set up in their email account. Often, the user has filters in place that catch the emails as they come in.

4. Have the user check with their IT team

If the user is still unable to locate the email, have them reach out to their IT team. Their IT may have filters in place which could restrict which emails reach the customer.

If the user’s IT team has questions in regards to how we send email, send those to us at, and we can work to get that information for their team.

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