Broken Images Troubleshooting Guide

Are images in your Knowledge Base articles not being displayed? This guide will list the most common causes of this problem and how to resolve it. The cause and resolution can depend on how the images were added to your article. 

If you added images via a link (not uploaded from your computer)

  • URL is no longer valid: Image was embedded via a URL and the URL no longer works. This can happen if the image was deleted from its source page, moved to another site, or if the site it's hosted on is currently down. To test this, try opening the image URL in another tab.  
  • Image URL is Private: Image was embedded via a URL and the URL is behind a login. If an image is hosted at a private URL, our embedding tool won't be able to access it. One way to test this is to try opening the image URL in a Chrome incognito window, does it load? 

If you uploaded the images from a computer

  • Cross-Linking: Image was uploaded to one article, then it was copied and pasted into another article. If you can see the image when logged in as an admin but it doesn't show up for end users, then cross-linking is likely the issue. To fix this, save the image to your computer and upload it individually in each place it's used. 

Don't know how the images were added?

  • In this case, we recommend re-adding the images. Often this issue is triggered by an image being uploaded incorrectly, or no longer being accessible via a link that was embedded. If you are seeing this in multiple articles, you can reach out to support to verify there are no bugs and see if they have any insight. 
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