User avatars and profile details

When viewing tickets in our Support Tools, you'll notice a user's information in the inspector sidebar on the right.

What it Shows:
  • Avatar: This is usually pulled from If you're using single sign-on, your development team could also be passing the user's avatar via the SSO token. 
  • Email address: This is the user's email address in UserVoice, and will also show as the contact email on the ticket.
  • Location and Time Zone: If we have the user's IP address, we will also show their location and time zone. 

Common Questions

Q. Can users upload custom avatars?
A. We are only able to offer avatars through Gravatar at this time.  To remove or change your Gravatar, you will need to login directly to the Gravatar service: Want to see us add additional features—vote for our idea on this here.

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