User avatars and social media profiles

In the UserVoice ticketing section, you may have seen a user avatar, username, and social media profile information (Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, etc.) on the right, in the Inspector area:

We use the FullContact service for automatically populating this information into our application, based on the user's email address and other information publicly available on the world wide web.

Similarly, the avatar icon uses the Gravatar service.

If your agents are referencing this information when answering tickets, they should be aware the username may not always be accurate.

Common Questions

Q. How do I correct inaccurate information?
A. To correct inaccurate FullContact information, the user will need to claim their profile  or opt-out on FullContact's website:

Q. Can I remove my Gravatar?
A. To remove or change your Gravatar, you will need to login directly to the Gravatar service:

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