Import Ideas (suggestions)

This is a guide for importing ideas from a CSV file. This can be useful if you're setting up your UserVoice account and you have some customer suggestions you'd like to add to your existing forums. 

Downloading the Import Template

The first step for importing your data is to download the import template. The template is an empty spreadsheet with the allowed headers pre-filled. We'll walk you through where to find the template in the admin console.

1. Click the "Idea" icon (lightbulb) in the left-hand menu -> click "All Open Suggestions" -> click the cloud icon on the right side of the page -> select "Import suggestions". 

2. Click the link to download the Suggestion Import Template.

Formatting your data

You can import the following:
  • Idea Title, Description, Category, Date, and Creator.
  • Public and Internal Status, Status Message, and Date
  • Labels
You are limited to 50,000 rows in an import file.

Pro Tip: We recommend adding a label when importing ideas that notes the date of the import. This allows you to quickly find all imported ideas. 

Idea Details

You must use the pre-filled headers from the template and save your file as a UTF-8 encoded CSV.
  • title*: Must be unique within your account, and is case insensitive (up to 140 characters).
  • body: Description of the idea and will be visible on the forum (up to 10,000 characters).
  • created_timestamp: Format: 2016-01-01T00:00:00Z (for UTC). If the timestamp is left blank, we will use the time of the import process.
  • Will be the user’s display name if they are new but will not overwrite an existing user profile. 
  • created_by_user.email_address: If left blank, the idea will be attributed to the admin who ran the import. This cannot be changed after the fact. Note: the creator is not counted as a supporter on the idea. To add the user as a supporter on the idea, you will need to import the user as a supporter. 
* Required

Public and Internal Status Details (optional)

If you fill in any of the status fields, then or status_update.body will be required.
  • status_update.body:10K character limit
  • status_update.created_timestamp: Defaults to current time. Format: 2016-01-01T00:00:00Z (for UTC). If left blank, we will use the time of the import process.
  • status_update.created_by_user.email_address: Defaults to the admin who ran the import.
Label Details (optional)

You can import multiple labels at once for an idea, but it will need to be formatted as an array. We'll walk you through how to do this.
  • Since labels can be nested, you must provide the full label path in the import. So if 'Label 1' is nested under 'Label Parent A', the entry in the import would look as follows. This will add "Label 1" to the suggestion on import. ["Label Parent A/Label 1"]
  • To add only the parent label or a label that is not nested under another one, you would format the entry like so: ["Label Parent A"]
  • Multiple labels can be imported by adding them to the array. The result of the below example is the suggestion will have Label Parent A, Label 1, Label 2 and Label 3 (not nested under another label). ["Label Parent A","Label Parent A/Label1", "Label Parent A/Label 2", "Label 3"]
  • Since forward slashes are used to separate labels in a hierarchy, there is not a way to import labels that contain a forward slash in their name. You can, however, use a backslash but to do so you must include 2 backslashes in the import field. The following example will result in a label named Red\Blue. ["Red\\Blue"]

Importing your file

Now that your data is formatted you can add it to Uservoice.  
  • If you do not have the import dialogue open already, click the "Idea" icon in the left-hand menu -> Click "All Open Suggestions" -> Click the cloud icon in the top right -> Select "Import Suggestions".
  • Click the "Select .csv file" button -> choose your file -> click "Next". 
  • The next screen will show you how many rows will be imported. If a row contains an error, the whole row will be ignored and it will not be imported. You can choose to ignore the rows with errors or fix them and try again. 
  • Click the "Start Import" button, and you're done! You'll receive an email when the import has been completed and you'll see your imported data when you refresh the suggestion page.  

Troubleshooting Errors

  • Uploaded .csv file is invalid: Make sure you have saved your file as a CSV (comma delimited).
  • Required column missing: The following columns must be included in your file: title and
  • Required values missing: Make sure the following required columns are filled in with your data - they cannot be empty cells: title and 
  • Invalid values provided: Your field values may not be in the correct format. See the Default Headers section above for formatting guidelines. 
  • Reference objects not found: This indicates that your import references a forum or category that has not yet been created in UserVoice. 
  • Duplicate records found: One of the ideas in the import has the same title as an existing idea from your forum.  
  • Unrecognized column provided: This means that one of the column headers is not recognized by our system. Make sure you are using the headers directly from the template.

Fixing incorrect import data

  • If your import included some inaccurate data, in most cases you can delete or update it from the admin console interface. In some cases, it may be easier to delete the inaccurate ideas entirely, fix the errors in your CSV, then import the corrected data. 

Common Questions

Q: How do I add users to the ideas I imported?
A: This article walks through how to import supports and requests on an idea.

Q. Can I use this import to update existing ideas?
A. No, the import will only let you import new content. You cannot use it to overwrite existing content. 

Q: Why don’t I see the ideas I imported in my current activity feed?
A: Activity feed entries will reflect the created_at date you passed in. So if you set it to a date two years ago, that will be reflected in all activity feeds.

Q: I imported the creator for an idea, but it still shows 0 supporters?
A: The creator of the idea is not counted as a supporter. We are beta testing a feature for importing supporters on an idea. Please email if you would like to be part of the beta.

Q: How long will the import take to process?
A: For the maximum size CSV file (20,000 rows), the import may take up to an hour to process, but is often done much faster. 

Q: How can import more than 50,000 rows at once?
A: At this time, this is not possible. If you want to see us add support for this, please share your idea on our forum.

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