Increase User Involvement on Your Feedback Forum

User feedback is gold. But when you first start your Feedback Forum, how do you build traction and get users involved? 

Install the widget on your website

Add the post idea widget to your site to make so that users can share feedback from where they are, here's how.

Promote your Feedback site...everywhere

Installing the widget on your website is a great start, but don't stop there. Link to your Forum in your newsletter, in the signature of your email communications, talk about it on social media and share it when talking with customers in person or on the phone.

Two great case studies about customers who did just that:

  1. Qualifacts builds customer feedback into every step with their healthcare tool
  2. Phonebooth actively solicits feedback and gets clear, actionable results

Seed your Forum with ideas to get the conversation started

Sometimes customers don't want to be the first ones to share an idea, and an empty forum might make users even more hesitant. So go ahead and create ideas around features customers have requested or even ones your Product Team is already considering, to get the conversation started.

When you have direct customer interactions, make sure you capture the feedback they give you with the Capture Feedback button.

Setup SmartVote and Auto-Prompt Users for Feedback

SmartVote shows a user a set of two ideas and has them pick the one they want you to build next.

  • It's a quick and easy way for users to give you feedback
  • You can install the SmartVote widget on your website (so users can do it without leaving the page)
  • You can also set it to auto-prompt a user after 7 days of activity and every 30 days after that. It actively asks your users for feedback without being annoying.

Learn more about SmartVote here, or check out this case study from FullContact.

Respond and act on some ideas quickly

One way to encourage users to keep sharing ideas when you first start out is to be quick to respond to their ideas and find ones you can implement now.

This shows customers that you are listening, acting on their feedback, and encourages them to share more ideas. Now, you can't do that with every feature (some take more time and others don't fit with your product vision).

But finding a few ideas you can act on quickly builds users' confidence that you care and act on their ideas, and encourages them to share other great product suggestions!

Those are just a few ideas to help you get the conversation started!

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