Updating ideas and how users are notified

As an admin, you sometimes need to respond to an idea to let your users know where it stands. How do you do this and make sure end users are notified?

Responding to an Idea

By default, all users will be notified of status updates to an idea. Status updates are a great way to respond to an idea, even if you're not ready to give it a status.

Click the Ideas icon → Click "All open suggestions" → Click the forum filter → Select a forum → You will have two options for updating users on the idea. 

1. Update the Public Status (Recommended)

This the best option for updating users on an idea, since users are subscribed to public status updates by default. 

Your status update will be shown just below the idea on the front end so that new users will see it immediately.

Can I customize the status the status options? Yes, you can create your own custom statuses. This article walks through your options.

2. Adding Comments

As an admin, you can add comments on the front and back end of the site. However, users are not notified of comments by default (they must turn this notification option on).

Do you have threaded comments?
We don't at this time, but please, add your support to our idea for this feature.

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