Create Features

In UserVoice Features, you can prioritize new features for your roadmap using custom fields, scores, charts, and user feedback. We will walk you through how to create a feature and link User Ideas to it.

Creating a Feature

As a Product Manager, features are created and used by you and are not visible to your users. You can link Features to User Suggestions to see the reach of items you are considering roadmap.

Click the "Lightning Bolt" icon in the left-hand menu -> Click "Create a Feature" at the top of the page.
  • Title and Description: Create the title and description outline the feature you are considering. 
  • Product Area (optional): Help you organize a list of features for multiple products and product teams. To create your Product Areas, click the gear icon on the right, and you'll see the option "Edit" the "Product Area." Learn more about Product Areas here
  • Feature Status (optional): Enable your Product Team to communicate internal statues, and manage features by the stage of your product management cycle (planned, designed, live, etc). Learn more about Feature Statuses here
  • Feature Custom Fields (optional): Allow you to add custom data relevant to your business like links to mockups, dev effort, and goal impact. Learn more about setting up Feature Custom Fields here
Pro Tip: At the top of the list of features, you will see the option to filter by product area and status. Your preference will be saved when you return, but you can also adjust the filters at any time.

Link User Suggestions to Features

Linking User Suggestions to a feature brings together all feedback related to items you're considering—supporting users, comments, and feedback. Now you have all this information in one place as you prioritize your roadmap, research requirements, and reach out to users.
  • From a Feature: Click into your created Feature -> Click the "Suggestions" tab -> Click "Link Suggestion" -> You will then be able to search and select the User Suggestions you want to link to the Feature.
  • From a Suggestion: Click the "Features" tab -> Click the "Link Feature" -> Search and Select the Features you want to connect it to. If the Feature does not yet exist, you can create it right now.

Pro Tip: You can connect a suggestion to more than one Feature.

Use Features to Prioritize your Roadmap

Now that you have created your features, learn how to use Segments, Scores, and Custom Fields to help your team determine what to build next.

Common Questions

Q: Can I export a list of Features?
A: Yes, click the cloud icon at the top of the Features grid (to the right), and you will see the option to Export your Features. It will honor your Status and Product Area filters, and all columns (even if not selected) will be exported. The email will come from, and we do recommend checking any filters or spam folders if you don't see it in your inbox within 30 minutes.

Q: Are users notified when their Suggestion is linked to a Feature?
A: No. The Features functionality is focused on helping your Product Team prioritize their roadmap, and nothing about Features is published or posted for end users.

Q: Why don’t I see the Features icon on my account?
A:  Verify with the Owner on your Account (the person on your team that has billing and settings access) that you have the necessary permissions for Features. If you are the Owner of the account, your plan does not include Features.

Q: Can I import a list of Features?
A: Not at this time. If you would like to see us add this feature, please add it as an idea on our Forum here.

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