My Ticket Rules aren't Working

If you're running into issues with ticket rules, there are a couple of things to check.

One thing to keep in mind: rules are only applied to new, incoming tickets, and cannot be run on existing tickets in your queue.

1. Verify other rules aren't contradicting your rule

When a ticket comes in, it starts with the top rule and goes through each one. If a ticket matches multiple rules, and the rules contradict each other, it will apply the last rule.

I.e. if you have two rules that send auto-replies, and the ticket matches the conditions for both rules, the last rule will be applied.

Solution: If a ticket matches a rule, and you do not want any other rules applied, check the option to "Stop evaluating subsequent rules" at the bottom of the rule's settings. 

2. Check your conditions

Check the conditions you have set for your rule, and make sure the ticket matches them. Common condition issues are...
  • Condition is "Require All": This means the ticket must meet each of the conditions, and sometimes this is not what you need. If the ticket  only needs to match one, then make the conditions "Require Any."

3. If you're using the API to create tickets, make sure it's not setting the state or support queue

Check your API code and make sure it does set the state or support queue of the ticket. If it does, rules will not be applied since they could overwrite the parameters you set in the API code. 

Solution: Do not set the state or support queue when creating a ticket via the API

I still can't figure it out!

Still having issues? Email us at questions@uservoice. Please include the following in your email to help us troubleshoot:
  • Which rule is giving you issues
  • The Ticket # of a ticket the rule should have been applied to
  • Your UserVoice account i.e.

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