Add an admin (aka an agent) to your account

You need to add a team member to your UserVoice account, and we'll walk you through how to do it!
  1. Log into your UserVoice admin console ( You must be signed in as the Owner to add an admin.
  2. Click the icon in the bottom left corner
  3. Choose "General" if you are not already on the General tab
  4. Scroll down and click "Users and Permissions"
  5. Click the "Add users" button in the top right
  6. Enter the email address of the admin you want to add, set their permissions, and click "Send Invitations"
  7. When your new admin receives the email, they will need to click the link to accept the invite and set up their admin profile. If you want to edit or manage your admin's permissions, this article will walk you through how.

How do I switch out admins?

Simply remove the old admin and add the new one. When you remove the old admin and add the new one, you'll see a message that your rate will increase. It won't since there's no net change in the number of admins".

Note: If you are transferring ownership of the account, be sure to check out this article, since it walks you through how to do this.

Common Questions:

Q. How do my admins manage their notifications?
A. Each admin controls their own notification settings. Here's an article that will walk them through how to access and change which notifications they receive.

Q. How do my admins manage their signature and username?
A. Each admin controls their own profile settings. Have them click on "Settings" in the Admin Header and choose "General" from the drop-down menu. They can click "My Profile" at the top to change their username, job title, and signature.

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