Create work items in Visual Studio Online (legacy)

**This is a legacy integration built for the older version of UserVoice. If you're using the most current version of our product, contact if you still want to use this integration on your account.

This integration allows UserVoice admins to create work items directly from user feedback in UserVoice. Updates to the work item in Visual Studio are pushed back to the UserVoice suggestion (visible only to admins), and UserVoice status updates and notes are pushed back to the work item.

Getting started

Before you can create work items, you must first link your UserVoice account to a Microsoft Visual Studio Online account. This can be found by clicking the icon in the bottom left corner
-> Integrations -> Visual Studio Online in your admin console. [If you’re on an old version of UV, your settings will be accessed from the admin header.]

When linking your account, you’ll be redirected to sign into Visual Studio Online and authorize UserVoice access to your account.

Once connected, you will need to enable which Visual Studio work items types you want UserVoice admins to be able to create work items under. Because UserVoice is linked to a specific Visual Studio user, only projects that user has access to will be available within UserVoice.

After enabling work item types, admins will see a new menu item in the UserVoice suggestion action menu allowing them to create new work items from that suggestion.

The suggestion’s title and description automatically populate the work item’s title and description, but can be edited as necessary.

Work items created via UserVoice also have a “UserVoice” tag (to make it easier to identify which work items were created via UserVoice) and a hyperlink back to the public view of the idea. The tag can be removed without changing any behavior, but the hyperlink is required in order to properly push updates made on the work item back to UserVoice.

Now, when the work item’s status is updated or commented on (under the work item’s History), the activity will be pushed back to UserVoice! UserVoice admins are notified, and can follow up with users directly via an email status update.

Likewise, UserVoice admins can push notes back to the work item, keeping teams in sync.

Known issues

UserVoice for Visual Studio Online is currently in public beta, so you may find some bugs. If so, please let us know! Here is a list of known issues:
  • The Bug work item type currently doesn’t display the suggestion’s description (they use Repro Steps rather than Description).
  • Agile and CMMI process projects incorrectly show that the state has changed during the first sync from Visual Studio Online.
  • If you set up the integration as a user that can’t manage service hooks, changes made on the work item won’t be synced back to the UserVoice suggestion. In this case, we should be able to sync UV -> VSO.
  • Changing Project names in VSO will cause issues with linking UserVoice suggestions to work items in that VSO project
  • When unlinking a Visual Studio Online account from UserVoice, service hook subscriptions are destroyed synchronously, which can take a while.
  • The VSO integration does not currently support custom templates, though out-of-the-box Agile templates should work just fine

Common Questions:

Q: Are you going to add a VSO integration to the latest version of UserVoice?
A: This is something we are gathering feedback on and investigating. Please support the idea on our forum, to get updates from our Product Team. That is the best way to be notified of status updates for this.

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