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In this article, we will outline what reporting is available for knowledge base articles. If you are looking for additional functionality, please share your ideas on our Knowledge Base idea forum. This is the best channel for communicating your feature requests to our product team.

What is Instant Answers?

When a user enters their message in the widget, Instant Answers searches your published articles and ideas for matching keywords. The matching articles and ideas are displayed, and if the user finds an article that answers their question they can decline to send in a support ticket.

How to use the Instant Answers Report

Our Instant Answers Report provides data which helps you optimize your knowledge base articles. The report shows what users are searching for, which articles are being returned, and which articles are deflecting tickets. 

At the top of the report, you'll see a graph which shows your Instant Answers rate over time. The Instant Answers rate is the percentage of tickets which are deflected because the user views an article and elects not to send in a message. 

Overview Tab

The Overview tab can be used to see your message volume and article effectiveness at a glance. It includes several metrics for the last 30 days...
  • Incoming requests (tickets or ideas): tickets or ideas created via the widgets or mobile SDK's during the last 30 days 
  • Returned results: percentage of messages which returned at least one article or idea
  • Opened a result: percentage of users who viewed at least one article or idea
  • Were instantly answered: percentage of messages which are deflected because the user views an article and clicks "This answers my question"
Below the general stats is a list of the most recent 200 messages entered in the widget or SDK's.

For each message, you can see...
  • Channel: how the message was created (widget or mobile SDKs)
  • Form: whether the user's message was entered in the idea form or ticket form
  • Results: the number of articles and ideas returned (you can click on the results to see which articles and ideas were found)
  • Results opened: how many articles or ideas were opened and viewed
  • Answered by: which article or idea answered their question, or a link to their support ticket or idea if they submitted one
How to use this: Focus on the messages which did not return results -> either create an article to fill that gap, or optimize an existing article with the keywords used.

Articles Tab

The Articles tab shows you which of your articles are being returned in searches, and which are answering the most questions. 

For each published article you'll see the following metrics:
  • Appeared in results: how many times the article is returned in the Instant Answers search
  • Result opened rate: out of the times this article appears in results, how often is it opened by the user
  • Instant Answer rate: out of the times this article appears in results, how often does it answer the users' question and they decline to send in a ticket
How to use this: Identify the articles which are not being returned in Instant Answers. Consider rewording these articles or adding keywords to better match what your users are searching for. Check out our tips on how to improve article search optimization.

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