Turn a ticket into an idea

You can create ideas from tickets or even link tickets to existing ideas on your forum. We'll walk you through how this works.

When viewing a ticket, click the link just above it that says "Link this ticket to an idea."

You'll be prompted to enter the user's feedback and choose the idea you want to link the ticket to.

You can search for and select an existing idea OR create a new one.

Once you choose the idea, select the option to link the ticket. You'll see the linked idea displayed and can choose to link to another idea (in case the ticket contained more than one feedback item).

Quick FAQs:

  • You can link a ticket to multiple ideas.
  • You can edit an existing link by clicking "Edit" next to the linked idea.
  • If you link the ticket to an idea in a private forum the user doesn't have access to, then they will get updates on that idea, but the notifications won't contain links back to the forum.
  • When viewing an idea in the admin console, click the "History" tab and then the "Manually added" filter to see all tickets linked to that idea

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