How users support and rank ideas

We will walk through how users support ideas, and how to use supporters and SmartVote to rank ideas.

How do Users Support an Idea?

  • Vote on the Web Portal: When a user arrives on your UserVoice site, they will see the option to "vote" for an idea. When they click "vote," that adds them as a supporter. Users are able to vote for as many ideas as they want, and can only support an idea once. (If you're using the mobile SDKs, the experience is the same, except instead of seeing "Vote," users will see "I want this" for an idea.)
  • An Admin adds them as a Supporter: Admins can add users as supporters on an idea on the back end. This can be useful if the customer shared their feedback in a support ticket, on the phone or in a meeting (learn how to add a supporter here)If you're using UserVoice Support Tools, your agents also have the option to link tickets to ideas, which adds them as a supporter (learn more here). 
  • Subscribe in SmartVote: When a user is in SmartVote, they'll see the option to "Pick + Subscribe" to an idea. If they click that, they are added as a supporter.
  • Create an Idea: If a user creates an idea on your web portal, in the Mobile SDKs or in the post idea widget, they will be added as a supporter.

How to use Supporters When Evaluating Feedback

Use Supporters along with SmartVote

With supporters you can see how many users want an idea, but how do you prioritize the top requests?

SmartVote Polls let you select a group of ideas to test (a poll), shows users a set of two ideas and asks them to pick the one they want you to build next. As users pick between ideas, you are able to see how those ideas rank against one another. To learn more about SmartVote Polls check out our documentation.

Sorting Ideas by Supporters

When viewing ideas in the admin console, you'll see the number of supporters listed, and can sort ideas based on that metric.

Pull in more Information on Supporters

While knowing the number of users who support an idea can be helpful, you may want additional data like what's the MRR of the users? Net Promoter Scores?

With our .identify feature, you can pass in User and Account Traits, including MRR (learn more here).

If you're using our NPS Widget, it will also pull in the scores of the users that support that idea. So you'll be able to see the number of supporters, MRR, and net promoter scores when viewing an idea.

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